New display item for
the Museum.

The Museum receives its
first scale model from
Australia. (story)


The Museum appeals to
Hollywood star for his
support. (story)

New Project Office
starts today.

Lenkon Tokon appointed to
senior Museum role in
Luganville. (story)

The Museum heads to
Canberra for meetings.

We present the
Museum’s plans to
some select VIPs (story)

Pacific Dive takes 
the plunge.

Local Luganville dive
centre donates to
the Museum. (story)

LCM joins as a
Navara Sponsor.

Espiritu Santo’s premier
retail group joins the
Museum family. (story)

Creating a legacy

Bradley Wood, Founding Chairman of the South Pacific World War II Museum,  describes the plans for the construction of the museum in Luganville, the main town on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu and the role he sees the museum playing.

Where to find us

The South Pacific World War II Museum will be built on
the island of Espiritu Santo, one of 83 that make up the
Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu. You can zoom in to see
just where that is on the map.

Come and experience Espiritu Santo